Operations Management

Operations management, human resource management, social assistance management, housing and other policies and procedures, organizational structures, IT systems planning, community planning and capacity development.

Operations management can be an intense and sometimes daunting task. We understand this very well and have decades of experience, expertise and tools to help you get through the endless array of tasks that come your way. We can help with budgets, develop reporting systems, establishing and updating policies, working with employees and all the complexities of human resource management, refining your organizational structure, as well as providing assistance with organisational planning, terms of reference for committees and much more.

We also offer training and workshops tailored to your specific needs on all aspects of operations management, business management, negotiations and economic development. We’ve been there and know how hard it can be. Over the years the Aced Management team has developed techniques and strategies to manage all operations effectively and successfully. Management burnout is high and we can help you avoid the pitfalls that will drag you down if left unattended. Don’t let this happen to you. No more sleepless nights. Call or email us and we will support you to be more successful and give the relief you need to enjoy a life beyond the desk with family and friends.