Economic Development

Business development, business plans, funding applications, comprehensive community planning, project management, development corporations, business expansion and restructuring, partnerships, joint-ventures, negotiations, entrepreneurship and training.

We aim to help you achieve your economic development goals and objectives. It can be disheartening when individuals and communities know they can do better but are surrounded by challenges and barriers that seem insurmountable. This is where we can make a difference. Where to start, what are the factors: what do you want and how do we achieve it? Why put yourself through all the stress when you can let us help you figure it all out? Mapping out your future is an exciting step in establishing a foundation for growth and prosperity.

The preparation and use of a strategic economic development plan is an important step in assuring that investments in your precious resources are applied effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Most importantly, a strategic plan for economic development, including your lands and resources, will provide your community with a rational, consistent, and defensible basis for determining which economic development opportunities to pursue, which ones not to pursue, and perhaps equally important, how to make it all happen.

Business development, along with the associated training and skills, can bring great rewards over time. By having a strong economy with successful businesses, small and large, will alleviate financial, social, health and housing problems while providing much needed jobs. We assist with business startups, setting up a development corporation, project management, seeking funding, entrepreneurship, negotiations, partnerships and more. We also provide training and customized workshops for your specific needs.

No action often results in no results. Call or email us to today and we would be pleased to discuss your needs and help you achieve the results you are looking for.